9 December 2021

中国国际工联- siud 2021主题演讲. Svetlana Gutman and Dr. Elena Rytova谈智慧城市指标

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Carlos Harry De Taza, 利记sbobet官网实习生

The keynote address on Sustainable Development of Russian Regions: Indicators for Smart Sustainable Cities was delivered by Dr. Svetlana Gutman and Dr. 埃琳娜·雷托娃,都来自彼得大帝.彼得堡理工大学, on Day 3 of the CSID 利记sbobet官网-SCUD International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Urban Development last October 15, 2021.

In their lecture, Dr. Rytova emphasized the role of cities as centers of economic development and how rapid urban population growth from the last century has also changed our environment. 随着城市街区的不断增长, 仅靠技术发展已不足以保护环境.

这就需要城市规划者和工程师开发一种新的模式:智慧城市. At its core, the concept of smart sustainable cities requires the effective use of technology and data to build cities that can adapt and are flexible. 其目的是提高城市的经济和生活水平.

In achieving its goals, it is important to have and abide by Smart City Indicators (SCIs) through which it is possible to monitor the program of development within a city. These determine the indicators for efficiency in different levels of city management – from the macro down to the micro level.

综合信息系统包括以下两个部分:经济和管理, quality of life, ecology, and innovation. SCI图表帮助利记sbobet实现可持续发展目标, detect shortcomings, change strategies, 提供监控和反馈, select indicators, 安排战略能力, 最终形成实现可持续发展目标的工具. 

总之,实施城市综合信息系统是未来城市发展和城市增长的必要条件. 借鉴了俄罗斯城市的经验. Gutman和Rytova希望cis可以进一步适应世界各地的城市, 完全基于每个设置中的需求和条件.